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Making the Shifts – My experience

During the unfolding of the perfection of my life. Through the hills and valleys, across the mountains and into the deep dark depths of my soul is one of the most extraordinary truths I have learned. It is summed up in a quote attributed to Jesus in a book called Love Without End, Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green. Here is the quote in its entirety:

History repeats itself, generation after generation, because of judgment and denial, which create ruptures in the flow of life. The universe fills the ruptures quickly with the very thing your objections denied.

What is being communicated to us here is a very clear insight into how life works and how unconsciously we cause the realities we call our life experiences. Essentially — based on our separate sense of self — our ego perspectives cause ruptures in a perfect flow and then the substance of the universe fills those ruptures causing the appearance of our inner thoughts and feelings to actually manifest in form. Isn’t that incredible! I was never taught that in school. Were you?

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The Beauty Of Truth

Where shall you seek beauty, and how shall you find her unless she herself be your way and your guide? And how shall you speak of her except she be the weaver of your speech?

-Kahlil Gibran

These immortal words of wisdom flowing so eloquently from the soul of Kahlil Gibran in his book The Prophet give us clear spiritual insight. As seekers of Truth in these modern times we are well advised to remember that Truth is a living energy, it is the Spirit of Life itself and it is that power, that energy, that spirit which we, as Spiritual Warriors, are charged with the purpose of embodying in its fullness. This is the great purification of self, the return to innocence, which has been communicated by many and achieved by few. The happy news is that this great journey — this magnificent adventure — through the wilderness of ego into the promised land of our own heart and soul is an unavoidable ‘date with destiny‘. It may take you an eternity to find that sacred path, however, what is sure is that one happy day you will arrive. That path is: “The Beauty Way”.

Walking The Beauty Way essentially refers to a way of being. It colors and defines the power of our thoughts, words and actions. Thoughts, words and actions cause feelings and in turn, feelings cause thoughts, words and actions. A combination of these creates a magnetic attraction between you and your reality, and it is how the world is defined.

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Thriving in Upheaval

As a personal development consult I am taking calls from individuals all over the world going through massive upheaval. Not only is there meltdown and chaos in every facet of social structure but also within. It is this internal landscape which undoubtedly needs our most focused attention. As Carl Jung so precisely articulated “When an inner situation is not made conscious it appears outside as fate”. I find myself reiterating this point over and over to my clients.

The insanity of disassociating from our spiritual nature i.e. soul consciousness and over identifying with body consciousness i.e. personality, me or I, is the cause of all the woes of the world. The spiritual journey, I once heard, is the shortest journey of all, about 18 inches in fact, and is the journey from head to heart. The truth of it is that the heart is only the beginning, a critical shift, no doubt, I mean if you can’t find the portal you can’t shift out of this insane illusion. The heart is most definitely the entrance to the most profound journey of your life but what lies beyond?

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Occupy Your Soul

The Occupy movement is gathering tremendous steam. Global revolution is well underway and there is no doubt about it. Millions of disgruntled individuals all over the world are uniting and venting their discontent and they will not be stopped. In many cities it looks like a modern version of the earlier stages of The French Revolution. Whole nations are tumbling into the abyss. It is shuddering time to be alive.

Against a backdrop of decades of callous social engineering projects, mind control, organized warfare for the commercial gain of private interest groups, planned economic catastrophe and beneath the chem-trailed skies, hordes of ordinary souls are turning to face the monstrous manifestations of the darkest content of their own psyches.

Even as I write, the US naval fleet is floating in all its pompous glory off of the coast of Iran. Word on the street is that the Illuminati want America to lose their third world war. You may recall the general play in the last two. Millions of strong young men are used like pawns in the game of genocide. In war everyone loses except, perhaps momentarily, the ones who cause it.

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