Occupy Your Soul

The Occupy movement is gathering tremendous steam. Global revolution is well underway and there is no doubt about it. Millions of disgruntled individuals all over the world are uniting and venting their discontent and they will not be stopped. In many cities it looks like a modern version of the earlier stages of The French Revolution. Whole nations are tumbling into the abyss. It is shuddering time to be alive.

Against a backdrop of decades of callous social engineering projects, mind control, organized warfare for the commercial gain of private interest groups, planned economic catastrophe and beneath the chem-trailed skies, hordes of ordinary souls are turning to face the monstrous manifestations of the darkest content of their own psyches.

Even as I write, the US naval fleet is floating in all its pompous glory off of the coast of Iran. Word on the street is that the Illuminati want America to lose their third world war. You may recall the general play in the last two. Millions of strong young men are used like pawns in the game of genocide. In war everyone loses except, perhaps momentarily, the ones who cause it.

Iran it turns out have enough firepower pointing at the US navy to destroy it in 5 minutes. The Illuminati want this. The consequences will be immediate and undeniable. The reverb of which will poison the modern civilization even more.

Evil is running amok in the world. Even now your own PM is the high priestess in a genuine Satanic cult. Powerful, hideous rituals are being practiced by the leaders of doom.

These demented individuals, having been horribly tortured themselves, are engaged in the most despicable acts of ceremonial horror, with each other and also with unwilling children. This is a brutal wound in our collective psyche and explains much of why and how there is so much child abuse going on in the world. The shock of all of this and much, much more is causing a brutal awakening as humanity is wrenched from its half-baked stupor.

We have transgressed the natural order of things. The consequences are most severe. The ancient feud between the forces of darkness is polluting the lives of us all. A terrible, horrible stench is oozing through the soul of humanity. But how do we absorb it with peace and a smile?

The good news is that it is all a dream. That does not make it any less real.

It does however give us a footing upon which to stand and see deeper the nature of reality and to feel it make sense.

The Matrix is an engineered reality construct designed to snare consciousness that does not flow with the currents of The Mother which gives it power. Wisdom is power and these words will wisen you up if you let them. Power must be wielded with love. Or else it becomes brutality and this is where we are today. Maya is the grand illusion of life, the astral ether substance that forms the body of what we call reality. Love is the only law needed to be applied in order to navigate life successfully.

Lack of love creates hell. Look around your reality. What do you see. You are looking at an utterly wonderful thing. The substance of which moves according to your will. Your very thoughts, words and actions have powerful defining consequences in that substance. Your feelings magnetize the vibrations into form.

Love the Source energy within that substance. Love it in yourself. Love and see it in others. Namaste is a practice. The winds of change are blowing. The elements of nature are rising. A great cosmic alliance has gathered to support the awakening of our souls. Open your minds to the amazing possibility that you are The One. We are The One and that everything we perceive is a reflection.

Amidst the brilliantly orchestrated chaos and carnage of countless societies skillfully and deliberately divided against themselves, somehow, very soon, we have to wake up and realize that the outer world and everything in it, is a mirage. It is nothing more than the soul looking into a mirror. What it sees is the painfully accurate feedback from the substance of Life itself. Life is crying to us all: this is what you have become!

Most individuals are a long way from accepting this perspective on reality. The ego loves to blame. Perennial victim as it is the false sense of self, stranded in the sticky web of its own misconceptions, can only point outside and whine and moan at the way things appear to be. Well the time has come for individuated consciousness to grow up.

In order to traverse the great divide between Truth and fiction the soul is now being summoned to undertake shockingly powerful initiations. In this we have only the choice in the style we wish to navigate our unavoidable fate. Having abandoned for so long the kingdom of our own inner sovereignty we have allowed demons and monsters to spring from the shadows of our inner darkness to rule our inner world. It is this simple yet utterly profound archetypal error that is at the root cause of all the manifestations of political darkness we see bursting like horrendous tumors upon the surface of current affairs.

When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.

~ Carl Jung

There would be no dictators, no tyrants, no demons, nor malevolent ETs and no monsters at the helm of humanities ship if we had hold of the wheel of ourselves. There is nothing in the world of form, the illusory, impermanent and transitory world, that can exist without existing within the creator souls who collectively project all of the forms of Life.

We are, generally, unconscious of these forms within us. It is imperative a critical mass of individuals awaken to these facts and remove them at source. What we call reality is nothing more than an apparently gigantic multi dimensional and holographic movie screen. A matrix, designed as a training ground, for wayward souls to get hold of the reins of their own powerful driving forces. Once we step out of the perspective of The Matrix and embrace the eternal nature of ourselves, we can accommodate all of the horrors and wonders that the human nightmare contains.

It does not matter where the argument comes from. Irrelevant the time span it contains. Even the most sensational and impossible to solve human horror stories can be accommodated peacefully and absolutely in a perfectly poised mind. It is from this realm of sublime peace that any genuine would be revolutionary, light worker, rainbow warrior, or social reformer must needs draw their strength. The solutions to the extraordinary immanent challenges which are facing us all are not to be found through reactionary emotional catharsis. That is merely the first step. A knee jerk reaction so to speak. A natural response to the extreme nature of the terrifying modern dilemma facing us all.

“There is no anti-depressant that will cure a depression that’s spiritually based, for the malaise doesn’t originate from brain dysfunction, but from an accurate response to the desecration of life.”

~ David R. Hawkins, Power Vs. Force

Throughout the whole history of the world, over and over, our mythos and legends are replete with specific details illustrating the movement of power as monsters and tyrants are met and defeated time after time. Perennial themes form the constant eternal structure of these tales providing the map with which to navigate the challenge of facing seemingly impossible odds.

David did not go out and face Goliath in a state of rage but rather with the quiet confidence born out of deep spiritual communion with his Source. His life, previous to that moment, spent upon the hills and green pastures of his own sublime and loving contemplations had already prepared him for the meeting with the impossible foe. Recall, if you will, that the giant of Gath, issued challenges to the greatest warriors of Israel for 40 days without ever being met. We are being told something here. The means to defeat the machine lies deep within us and will emerge from those of us who exist from that wellspring of eternal youth that is the human spirit itself. What that means is YOU need to be massively focused on accessing internal resources which exist BEYOND the polluting and distorting influence of the matrix. You are not a child of the Matrix. You are a child of Life. The conditioning and social engineering which has rewired your psyche and inserted malicious, impotent software into malfunctioning hardware is not who you are. You are the electricity, the juice that runs through the wires. It is your responsibility to know that and be that and reconfigure yourself from the inside out.

You have an extraordinary resource at your disposal.  That infinite power exists within you today as much as it ever did, the only difference being is that so many of us live from a shallow place, a place of judgment and fear. This impotence has been engineered. Social engineering and mind control has become extremely advanced since the early days of the last century and long before. The unnatural foods you have eaten, the unnatural liquids you have imbibed, the drugs with which you have been medicated and all of the conditioning your mind has been bombarded with have rewired your psyche and drawn you out and away from that powerful, untouched, ever new, eternally bright state of being into a wasteland of horrific character and form. However, all is far from lost. The power to change it all still exists within. All we have to do is go to that place, night and day, day and night and imbibe it. All of the inspiration, illumination and energization anyone could ever require already exists within. The modern world, no matter how sophisticated the forces of evil become, cannot penetrate to the core of your being. But if you do not exist from that place, if you are not rooted and centered in your true inner nature then you will be swept away in the horrors of the flood and indeed the worst case scenarios will play out. Herein lies the gift of the challenge of the times.

As a personal development consultant I am often speaking with people who are utterly overwhelmed. As an avid researcher myself I have investigated the lexicon of this modern day impasse for thousands of hours. The kaleidescope of stories which converge in this moment today run in every direction along threads of the substance of time and space into a holograph of gigantic and infinite complexity. Struggle as we may to piece the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of history together, hoping somehow, to neatly arrange them in a timeline back to some distant point in the past “when it all began” this can never be achieved to any degree of complete satisfaction. Despite the sobering shock factors of images of police brutality and the carnage of modern day warfare and not demeaning the horrors of the rape of innocent children and the merciless attack on our psyches, there is far, far more to this world than all of this appears.

If we attempt to over analyze and dissect the history of humankind and if we view the sea of troubles that face us through the eyes of the ego then we are lost and indeed will feel utterly overwhelmed. There is only one place from which to handle the violent imposition of the matrix as it seeks to tear down the walls of humanities last and fateful stand. That place is the high peaks accessed from deep within. And this is the warriors work: to go there, as a disciplined practice, day after day, night after night and find the courage and clarity, strength and integrity which within eternally abides.

0There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

11For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

Psalm 91

We all face challenges in life. Challenges are a natural and necessary part of growing. There is no genuine, authentic evolution of consciousness without challenge.  The challenges, we all face today in the modern world, are fast assuming the appearance of overwhelming and impossible to meet proportions.

The immense difficulties and trials humanity is facing today and the shocking revelations of the powers of darkness active in the world are throwing down the gauntlet in front of us all. The big question is, will you pick it up?

Rather than waste time in our petty judgments and political debates we should see the immense opportunity which is presenting itself here for in order for us to demonstrate our true greatness we need an impossible puzzle to solve. In order for us to shine with our true brightness, we need an equivalent amount of darkness in which to blaze. In order for us to demonstrate our true strength we need an impossible foe to wrestle and in order to express the power of Love that we are, we need an unforgivable wound to forgive.

Life is not a little game. It is a big one. Life is not a cheap, soap opera sit-com, it is a soul shuddering epic event. You are being called to face your personal challenges and we are being called to face our collective challenges together for the raising of the consciousness of the world. In the same spirit that David met Goliath, Jesus met the cross, Skywalker met Vadar and Avatar defeated the machine, we must, like Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurushetra, wipe the tears of ignorance from our eyes and see the world for what it truly is. Like reluctant Hobbits facing the hordes of Mordor we are looking for the savior in someone else but all these challenges, unbeknown to so many, are initiations of consciousness, for the benefit of soul.

To those of you who are feeling overwhelmed and stand like those Biblical champions of Israel trembling in the ranks, terrified by the “monster of Gath” – the impossible foe and are, perhaps, still struggling to get your heads around the more obvious causal factors that are presenting themselves today. I would like to share a perspective on fast forward here to give you something with which to get to grips.

Some of the most shocking versions of the modern nightmare run something like this: thousands of years ago this world was visited by advanced civilizations from the stars, the history of all of this is well documented in the art and scripture of countless indigenous cultures and tribes. Some, not all of these beings, created a slave race for the purposes of mining natural resources, particularly gold. They engaged in the genetic manipulation of the primitive evolving primates at that time. We know these evolving beings as Homo Erectus. Their DNA was combined with the DNA of the invading celestials. Dynasties arose and flourished. The dynasty of the Dragon Kings, the original creator gods. These beings are the root of monarchy and the hierarchal systems which endure to this day. These so called gods appear in many different scriptures. At this point in our consideration we need to shift into a perspective which embraces the multi dimensional possibility.

Remember nothing can appear outside if it does not exist within. Modern accounts of the hidden nature of our controlling elite describe, in many cases, Satanic rituals wherein, due to the horrific nature of the occult practices engaged, other dimensions are opened up where terrible creatures dwell. These creatures are the root source of all demonology in our world. I have witnessed these realms myself, on multiple occasions and grew up in an old haunted farm house which served as a portal for their entry into this world. Having traversed the terrifying ordeal of being tormented and brutalized, as a very small boy many times over, the details of which I shall spare you, moving through fearless conflict with these creatures in their domain and into a state of consciousness where I am now immune to the horrors they bring, I feel I am uniquely qualified to shed some Light on perhaps the most fascinating of facets that our psychic darkness contains.

Whether the demons were here first. Whether fallen angels fell. Whether the Reptilians were the original inhabitants of this planet or came through Orions belt. Whether or not the Dragon Kings are still ruling us all and regardless of how powerful the control system is, I guarantee if you will take the step to unify your mind then you will single handedly do more good in the world than any amount of storming the Bastille ever can.

A great schism exists in the body social because a great schism exists within us all. On one level this may very well be the consequence of DNA manipulation by advanced beings.  There are countless versions on this theme. However, even if your DNA has been manipulated, you, the Infinite Consciousness within it has the power to repair it absolutely. The tools with which to accomplish this precise surgical manouever are tyour very own thoughts, words and feelings. Awareness and attitude. The orientation of your mind, through your understanding and attitude towards the infinite possibility of Life, it has been proven are the automatic adjusters of DNA and the genetic coding sequences within it. Your very feelings are the most powerful tool you have to create a brand new you and a brand new world.

The reason being is that your DNA is a holographic computer which, according to the orientation of your consciousness (the way you think and feel) literally projects an appearance of reality to YOU, the abiding consciousness within.

What this means is if we truly want the monsters in the world to go away forever then we have to rid ourselves of the monstrous distortions in the depths of our own minds. This is a very simple demarche.

It requires first and foremost the full embracing of the inner journey within and the absolute surrender to the Infinite consciousness that exists in the deeply relaxed levels of Theta and Delta brainwave states. If we can navigate consciously, that means stay awake whilst becoming more and more relaxed, the inner realms then we can arrive in that all-powerful place within us and immerse ourselves in the all healing balm of its living waters. These waters are the very fount of Life. Once immersed, we wash away the vibrations of ignorance and the distortions of disharmonious thoughts, words and feelings and are able to re-emerge into the world of form (nightmare or dream) and deliver the gift of our ascended selves.

Take Action

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  2. Ask yourself am I 100% committed to changing myself so powerfully I literally change the world?
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