Real Solutions for Real Challenges Surrendering to Wholeness Within

Living The Freedom and Peace You Are Yearning For

Freedom and Peace are revealed from within as we allow ourselves to relax into the abiding presence of Life. This of course requires us to navigate, transmute and integrate all manner of negative emotions, thoughts and feelings stored conveniently within the psyche. Facing our inner demons is an integral path of the heros’ journey and irresistible invisible forces guarantee it. It is an exquisite journey within oneself requiring sensitivity, patience, tenacity and an immense amount of love.

This embodiment of simple, silent, innocent, compassionate beingness, is the greatest gift we can offer the world. It is the quintessential mythological goal of the hero’s journey. The Hero returns dripping with a living boon, Jason with the Golden Fleece, Galahad with the Grail, Theseus with the head of the Minotaur, Arthur with Excalibur, David with the head of Goliath, Jesus shining Perfect Love—all of these mythological metaphors convey the same eternal truth..

The Answers We Are Looking For Are Within

 In the modern world today we are challenged to navigate a never before experienced cocktail of overwhelming complexity. On the surface level of human affairs an extraordinary fusion of socio-political and environmental challenges are facing us all.

Mountains of books, millions of words, teacher upon teacher, guru upon guru, factory production lines of “life coaches” and tens of millions of you tube videos, all contribute simultaneously to a cacophony of noise, accompanying the birth of a new era of humanity.

In a techno world of information overload we are being challenged to make sense of it all, finding purpose and meaning, direction and peace, as we strive to live our hopes and dreams against a backdrop of soul shuddering news, revelation, proclamation, prophecy, political evil, cosmic possibility and an emotionally charged human drama which has reached a crescendo of unbridled insanity. 

To be very clear about the purpose of my work – it is to free the spirit of Love that you are by dissolving the fear based ego discordance in your psyche/soul.

Love is a state of consciousness. It is our inner nature. In action or resting love brings blessings, peace, healing, gratitude and goodness to the world.

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.You Are Being Called

Angel Qi Gong – The Poetry

 Angel Qi Gong – The Practice

Life is not a little game. It is a big one. Life is not a cheap, soap opera sit-com, it is a soul shuddering epic event. You are being called to face your personal challenges and we are being called to face our collective challenges together for the raising of the consciousness of the world. In the same spirit that David met Goliath, Jesus met the cross, Skywalker met Vader and Avatar defeated the machine, we must, like Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurushetra, wipe the tears of ignorance from our eyes and see the world for what it truly is. Like reluctant Hobbits facing the hordes of Mordor we are looking for the savior in someone else but all these challenges, unbeknownst to so many, are initiations of consciousness, for the benefit of soul….Read More


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