Like A Life-Giving Sun

You could become a great horseman and help to free yourself and this world
Though only if you and prayer become sweet Lovers.
It is a naive man who thinks we are not Engaged in a fierce battle
For I see and hear brave foot soldiers All around me going mad, Falling on the ground in excruciating pain.
You could become a victorious horseman And carry your heart through this world Like a life-giving sun
Though only if you and God become sweet Lovers – Hafiz

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You Are Being Called

Angel Qi Gong – The Poetry

 Angel Qi Gong – The Practice

Life is not a little game. It is a big one. Life is not a cheap, soap opera sit-com, it is a soul shuddering epic event. You are being called to face your personal challenges and we are being called to face our collective challenges together for the raising of the consciousness of the world. In the same spirit that David met Goliath, Jesus met the cross, Skywalker met Vader and Avatar defeated the machine, we must, like Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurushetra, wipe the tears of ignorance from our eyes and see the world for what it truly is. Like reluctant Hobbits facing the hordes of Mordor we are looking for the savior in someone else but all these challenges, unbeknownst to so many, are initiations of consciousness, for the benefit of soul….Read More


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