Thriving in Upheaval

As a personal development consult I am taking calls from individuals all over the world going through massive upheaval. Not only is there meltdown and chaos in every facet of social structure but also within. It is this internal landscape which undoubtedly needs our most focused attention. As Carl Jung so precisely articulated “When an inner situation is not made conscious it appears outside as fate”. I find myself reiterating this point over and over to my clients.

The insanity of disassociating from our spiritual nature i.e. soul consciousness and over identifying with body consciousness i.e. personality, me or I, is the cause of all the woes of the world. The spiritual journey, I once heard, is the shortest journey of all, about 18 inches in fact, and is the journey from head to heart. The truth of it is that the heart is only the beginning, a critical shift, no doubt, I mean if you can’t find the portal you can’t shift out of this insane illusion. The heart is most definitely the entrance to the most profound journey of your life but what lies beyond?

The truth of it is that becoming soul conscious is a fundamental and essential shift which is essential in order to stabilize the world which appears around us. Until one becomes centered in this perspective one lacks the necessary contextual framework with which to deal with “reality”. You see the very nature of our existence is undergoing the most radical upheaval. It is quite feasible that souls are being challenged with reconciling the consequences of perhaps 260 000 years of karma in a veery few short months.

My friend Nassim Harremein, one of the greatest living physicists in the world today, has represented the Great Mayan Cycle (of 260 000 years) as a spiral with 2012 as the point of the spiral.  He then divided that spiral by the Phi ratio (1.618). Each nodal point on the spiral representing a specific date in our history which can be tracked back to. Every one of those dates, according to Nassim, represents an epoch defining event –  the birth of Jesus, the death of Buddha etc. At the beginning of the spiral the nodal points are thousands of years apart. Today on the cusp of 2012, perhaps a quarter of a million years later, those life-defining moments are now, only days apart. As we draw closer to Dec 21st (allegedly the end of the Mayan cycle) these life-defining moments become merley days, hours and minutes apart. That means that the potential power of a Jesus, a Buddha, is born anew, over and over, in me and in you.

Consider that possibility for a moment. Epoch defining energies. Sufficient power to shape an age are pouring into your psyche every day, every hour, every minute, into you. This incredible energy enters through the depths of your being. Being unaware of that, ignoring or resisting it, generates tremendous internal pressure and stress. If we are truly sincere in harvesting the full possibility of ourselves and expressing it creatively, in order to uplift the lives of others then we must be able to contemplate these possibilities and orient our sense of self in order to accommodate them.

That is why existing in a state of soul consciousness is becoming a critical and fundamental necessity. Without the context of the soul and the subsequent ability to experience oneself as Life itself, we are challenged with the impossible task of processing our experiences as an isolated fragment of the whole. The worst case scenario being extreme ego consciousness with all of its wounds bemoaning a predatory world it perceives as something outside of itself over which it has no power and little control.

The truth however is much different and the soul, in fact, containing all possibility and probability, has power over it all.

What we are witnessing in the modern world today, including all war, toxicity and political shenanigans is a massive eruption of the debris which has accumulated through centuries of ego consciousness in conflict with soul nature.

So ignorant, for so long, have we been kept as to the true nature of ourselves that we are now being forced to deal with the consequences of that ignorance as our planet earth teeters on the edge of eco destruction against a backdrop of mind shattering social and political upheaval in every country in the world.

The good news is that the power to offset ALL manifestations of negativity in the world exists within us. All we have to do is access it. You can learn more about how to do this on my web site and by following my articles in Veritas.


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